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moving out monday 
Most Monday mornings Patrick Burgoyne the editor of Creative Review comes in for a talk, todays theme was focussed on this article, some really good points brought up. It personally frustrates me how good design is such a matter of opinion, I cringe on a daily bases at logos banners etc for companies and how people just seem to be happy with cheap and cheerful without thinking “is this what we are about, cheap and cheerful?” Also this man pictured above…

Meet Mr Chicken
You may not know his name but you will certainly know his work: Morris Cassanova (aka Mr Chicken) designs and makes signs for most of the fried chicken shops in the UK. He looks happy though so that’s ok, he’s not doing anything wrong business wise in fact he’s probably a very hard worker, I just couldn’t do this repetitive design even for £££££££££££.

Seems that anyone can call themselves a graphic designer, can this make the educated/trained designers charge more for something that isn’t manipulated from clip art images. In my view you get what you pay for.
I was lucky enough to get an invite to the D&AD New Blood private view tomorrow, going to get a good look at what I should be aiming towards in my third and final year. 
New Blood showcases the best new graduates in the commercial creative arts. Graphic design, visual communication, advertising, digital media, illustration and photography — all under one very large roof.
CreativeMornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types. Each event is free of charge, and includes a 20 minute talk, plus coffee! Currently in New York, Zurich, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and soon Chicago and London. The first London talk features a talk by Michael Johnson of, watch some previous talks here.
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